Gathering Knowledge


As you may guess, I didn’t wake up one day and announce to the world, “I’m embracing my inner crone!”

No,it was years of perimenopause and two years of my body debating whether to go into menopause or not before I discovered that arriving at the age of crone was not so bad, regardless of chin hairs cropping up and everything else starting to slide downward.

There was, and is, a lot of conflicting information out there also. Soy is good, soy is bad. Take more vitamin E, don’t take extra vitamin E. Stay out of the sun, get daily moderate sun. Eat lean meat, stay away from meat. Take extra calcium, don’t take extra calcium.

My advice to women everywhere-  regardless of age but especially those thirty and older- read, talk, learn, act. Read literally anything you can get your hands on pertaining to food, lifestyle, hormones, vitamins, supplements, menstrual issues, aging. Talk to women in your family, friends, doctors, people on forums. Learn all you can about how to roll with the changes taking place in your body. Remember that your experience may not be like your mother’s, your sister’s, your friend’s. Act on what you’ve learned. Let your mind sift through incoming information, leaving that which doesn’t resonate with you behind.  You can file it away for future consideration. Take the rest, and act. It doesn’t matter what your age; it’s never too early to make positive choices regarding your life and well-being. More importantly, it’s never too late to make positive choices regarding your life and well-being.


One of my favorite books is The New Menopausal Years the Wise Woman Way: Alternative Approaches for Women 30- 90 by Susun S. Weed. It has great information on herbs, spices, food, infusions, teas, and tinctures to naturally support your body, along with information on exercise and synthetic medications.

A website that I like to browse is featuring Dr. Christiane Northrup. She is a wealth of knowledge on women, women’s health issues, and women’s health.

I look forward to sharing what I have learned in future blogs, and I am always happy to hear from others. Suggestions on future topics of interest are welcomed!

Meanwhile, have a beautiful day, and feel free to join my Facebook page Hearth,Heart,Crone. You can find me on twitter at @spiritowl108


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