Feed the Body, Feed the Soul


Healthy eating should be a mainstay of every person’s lifetime, from birth to death.

As a typical American, my life has been constantly barraged by bad food choices. Soda, candy, chips, and those foods that are heavy with preservatives. The highly processed commercial food with all the salt, twice the sugar, and a wonderful mix of chemicals whose names are too hard to pronounce.

Growing up, our house was a treasure trove of junk food. Breakfast was sugary cereal, or pop-tarts slathered with butter. After school snacks were chips, ice cream, soda pop, hostess cupcakes, popcorn. My mother made us a healthy dinner, but eating so much junk after school didn’t leave much room to enjoy the healthy food. It’s a wonder I even surpassed the age of twenty!


Nature, in all its glorious wonder, has provided us with all we need to live on. Over the years, convenience has brought us out of mother nature’s dining hall and into the cave of artery clogging, bowel corroding, skin inflamming, organ failing misery. We weigh too much, have medical problems of outstanding proportions, and spend thousands of dollars every year on fake, poisoned food which in turn, causes us to spend even more money on getting well.

No wonder by the time we hit our thirties and forties, so many of us women are having hormonal issues, cysts, menstrual problems. Guess what, gals? It’s only going to get worse when you hit menopause if you don’t start making changes now!

I’m not saying if we eat right, we’ll never get sick, never need to take pills for cholesterol or diabetes, never get a debilitating disease. What I am saying is that we can increase our chances of staying healthy by altering our food and lifestyle choices. For those who find they still need prescription meds, healthy eating still helps to keep you at your best.

Don’t get alarmed! I would never suggest you stop eating cookies, pizza or soda pop. Moderation is key. Learn how your body responds to different foods and act accordingly. I know beer makes me feel overly full and bloated, so I rarely imbibe it. Greasy food is out of my diet, as my digestive system doesn’t tolerate it well. I have no issue, however, with chomping down a candy bar every now and then, or having an occasional cocktail.

Most of our diet should be fresh, clean vegetables, fruits and lean meats. Yes, whole grains and healthy oils included in the mix.  Myself, I’m a vegetarian, but that is a topic for another day.

Speaking of meat, however, Americans eat a lot of it. While I don’t push people to stop eating meat, I highly suggest cutting back. You simply do not need meat every day, and certainly not three times a day. Bacon on everything? Sorry bacon lovers but you’re doing your body no service by placing bacon in every conceivable food item known to man.

In the future, I will share some nutritious recipes  that I like to make. In the meantime, the internet is a wonderful source of healthy, nutritious recipes. Cookbooks are great, and I use a few but I find they come with many recipes I never make. My favorite source for recipes is Pinterest. I make special ‘boards’ on my Pinterest page for different types of recipes breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, holidays, etc. And then I can print them out as needed and add to my own homemade notebook of recipes.

I am finding the joy in experimenting with new recipes, and have peace of mind when I know the food I am placing in my body is healthy. I feel better when I eat better, and I bet you will, too!



2 thoughts on “Feed the Body, Feed the Soul

  1. Hi SharynKay, just this morning I was suggesting to my husband that we know what food is good for us yet it is so hard to make the transition.
    I know this is a struggle for so many people. We know the right but we end up repeating the wrong so many times it becomes a part of us.
    Personally I know that it makes no sense to have the knowledge that is not practiced.
    Appreciate your words of encouragement. God bless


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