Cutting Corn


If we are lucky, we get to walk through all phases of living- childhood, young adult, middle age, old age.

As we age, we can either lay in despair, or embrace our maturity. The happier, healthier choice is to embrace our maturity. This is done by moving forward into our new, older, wiser self, and letting go of our past, younger self. One of the better ways to do this is to follow an old native American adage- Cut Corn

Wait, what? Cut corn?

Yes. There is a saying, “What doesn’t grow for you, cut.” Even if something grew for you before, if it no longer serves a positive purpose for you, it needs to go.

This includes people, places, things, jobs, clutter, habits.

My suggestion? Get a nice, hot cup of coffee or tea, iced drink, whatever helps you to relax. Sit down, close your eyes, and take a deep breath. Get in touch with how you feel. Are you happy? Worried? Stressed? Motivated? Energized? Tired? Do you feel anger, fear, joy, content? Are your relationships working how you want them to? Do you get satisfaction from your job? Are you living where you want?

Something happens to many of us when we approach the age of fifty. We find that we are no longer willing to deal with drama. We no longer are pulled to the rat race, instead seeking a softer approach, a comfortable path, surrounded by people who support us, share our vision, bring us laughter and light.

Some things we can change. Quit a job we no longer care for and move on to a new career. Or maybe retire and fire up our desire for painting, cooking, travel. Let go of friendships that have died out, habits that make us feel bad, clutter that buries our energy.

We can’t always change things which don’t add to our well-being. Maybe you want to live by the ocean but can’t afford to move out of the city. Or you want to quit your job, but you need the money. You can still make positive changes to reflect that which would serve you, and lessen what does not. Change that which you can- quit smoking, drop that toxic friend, add walks to your morning. Take trips to the aquarium, plan a vacation by the ocean, see where else your skills might place you to work.

Take small steps in cutting corn and planting new sustainable sources for daily living. You’ve earned it.



2 thoughts on “Cutting Corn

  1. Love your writing. So much to do good for yourself at any age. I’m 81 now and will try to take your words seriously. I needed a good push. Thanks


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