November arrived, ushering in the full brunt of fall, and bringing forth comments of what we are thankful for and how we plan on celebrating the day our nation sets aside to officially Give Thanks.

This got me to thinking on the many times a day, week, month, year, someone says “thank you” to me, or I to them. But how often do we really think on those words, “thank you”? Do we always mean it, or do we offer it as a remote reply as we hand the customer back their change, or someone picks up a quarter we dropped and hands it back to us?

We were taught as children to say “please,” “thank you,” and “you’re welcome.”. Manners are important. But did anyone really teach us why we should be thankful?

Many times life will serve up opportunities by which when someone gives us a helping hand, we truly are thankful. We then may feel grateful someone was able and willing to help. Thankfulness then moves into Gratitude.

At the start and end of each day, if we take time to truly think about the things we are grateful for, the people whom we are grateful for, our hearts become lighter. It can be something as major as a lifesaving surgery, or as simple as seeing the rose bush bloom. Being grateful is telling the universe we happily receive that which is good in our lives and are open to receiving more. It also moves us to show our gratitude in ways that help our fellow beings on this planet, thereby making the world a happier, better place in which to live.

While November brings the official day of thanksgiving, it’s important to remember we have all year to show our gratitude.

Happy Thanksgiving! And may we all be blessed with gratitude.



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