Trading My New Year for a New Day

Happy New Year’s-

Each December 31st, people eagerly wait for the clock to strike midnight so they can wipe the slate clean and begin anew- with new goals and aspirations. Letting go of the past year, they await the new year with all the excitement of a child waking up Christmas morning to a pile of presents beneath the tree.

Time is marching on and with the flip of the calendar year, we anticipate all the great things to come, great things we will accomplish. It’s a new beginning. Or is it?

Starting again each January is akin to repeatedly going back to the starting line of the race. How can you win, much less finish, when you keep going back to the beginning? And what happens to all those steps we took in the previous year? Don’t they count for anything?


Here’s a thought. Why wait until January 1st to let go of bad habits, bad relationships, bad thoughts? Why do we need a new year to start new goals?

The key is to be here, now, in this moment. Want to eat better? Start today. Exercise more? No time like the present. Be more productive? Start producing.

be here now

When the clock strikes midnight and announces the New Year, take time to reflect on all that transpired the previous year. Also take time to reflect on the positive changes you have made throughout the year that you are still carrying forth into the new year. Wise Crones know yesterday is gone, tomorrow is never promised and today is here right now.

happy new year


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