Ajna- The Third Eye Chakra


Many of us have heard of the Third Eye, Ajna- the center of intuition. This chakra is known throughout many cultures and is an important area in many meditation practices to help connect us to God/Goddess/Universe.

Located on the brow line between the eyes, it is also at the base of the skull and governs physical eyesight as well as intuition. Its vibration resonates with the color indigo.

When Ajna is open and balanced, we are able to obtain gainful insight within the patterns showing up in our life, and we develop a keen sense of intuition. If our third eye chakra goes off balance or closes, we can experience severe headaches, nightmares, paranoia, eye problems, and even suffer a stroke.

To balance the third eye chakra, we can journal our thoughts and daily activities, as well as our dreams. We can focus on tuning into our intuition and up our meditation practice.
Wearing, carrying, or placing stones about such as lapis lazuli, purple flourite or azurite will help increase the third eye chakra vibrations in your space. So will burning incense or using essential oils of sweet pea, hyacinth and camphor.

Play some classical music such as Beethoven or Bach. Meditate on the hawk and owl.

There is no particular food associated with the third eye chakra, though purple foods in general can assist. These foods include purple grapes, plums, raisens, figs and passion fruit. Blackberries and blueberries also are included as purple foods. In place of food for strengthening the third eye chakra, you can add more meditation.
Positive Archetype- Wise Elder
Negative Archetype- Skeptic

A simple yoga pose to do for Ajna is the Child’s Pose, with our forehead pressed to the floor.
To go into Child’s Pose, kneel on the floor with knees either together or opened, and bend forward. Stretch your arms forward, hands stretched out, and press your forehead to the floor. Take slow deep breaths, with your eyes closed and bring awareness to the Third eye. Draw your energy into the eye chakra and allow your thoughts to flow as they come.



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