Sahasrara – The Crown Chakra


I really have enjoyed going over the main seven chakras in the body. It’s been an excellent refresher and reminder on keeping the body in balance. We now come to the last of the main chakras of the body- Sahasrara.

Located at the top of the head/ upper brain, Sahasrara is where the celestial energies flow into our conscious being, and where our higher conscious energies reach out to the heavens. As the root chakra provides a foundation for our body, the crown chakra provides a home for our beliefs, thoughts, and learnings. When open and balanced, we are able to process new ideas, shift old beliefs and connect to our higher-self/ Christ Conscious.

Our crown chakra can be thrown off balance by overthinking, by overwhelming feelings of loneliness, or by not feeling connected to our higher being. This can bring about insomnia, inability to concentrate, feelings of paranoia, and can sometimes lead to conditions such as epilepsy or eye disorders.

To balance the crown chakra, it helps to find a spiritual belief that nourishes your soul and feeds your mind. Being out in nature is also helpful as it both grounds the root chakra, opens the heart chakra and brings a higher feeling of connection to the world around us. Watching inspirational movies or reading inspirational books help, as well as practicing gratitude. Prayer and meditation help us to realize the will of God, as we perceive God, and opens the crown chakra even fuller.


The element for Sahasrara is the universe, and it reigns over the pineal gland.

Its color is a brilliant, deep purple.

To bring balance to the crown chakra you can use essential oils and incense with lavender, rosewood, violet, and frankincense. Carry or wear gemstones amethyst, clear quartz, diamond, or white tourmaline.

Music that lifts the crown chakra is Indian Ragas.

The eagle is associated with the crown chakra, as it is believed to carry messages to and from God.


In place of food, fasting is done.

The positive Archetype is the Sage.

The negative Archetype is the Egoist.

A yoga pose that is helpful for the crown chakra is the Corpse Post


Corpse Pose (Savasana).

For best results, perform outside. If indoors, use a blanket beneath you.

Begin by laying on your back. It’s fine to place a small rolled up towel behind neck for support if needed. Also, if you have lower back issues, place a pillow under your knees.

Lengthen your legs and spread them at a comfortable distance apart.

Allow your body to completely relax. Now draw your shoulder blades underneath you and slightly bring your chin towards your chest. This will lengthen your neck. Breathe in deep, exhale. Relax.

Your arms should be at your sides with palms facing up or down as you wish. The important feature of this pose is to be relaxed while your spine is lengthened. There should be no discomfort.

Continue slow, deep breaths while visualizing a deep purple bubble surrounding you. Imagine the color swirling around you, expanding outwards.

Remain in this position as long as you wish.


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