Happy New Year!


Clearing for the New Year

As we close the chapter on 2018 and begin a new one for 2019, it’s important to release that which no longer serves us. Habits, belongings, unresolved issues tumbling around in our heart and mind- any of these which we do not wish to bring into the present and new year, should be abandoned.

As I put away Christmas, it feels good to dust off shelves, knick knacks, blinds. I go through belongings, making a pile to donate and reorganizing what is left.

I sit in quiet, forgive those who I have perceived as hurting me. Let go of that which I have no control over. I set my spirit right.

On New Year’s Eve day, I crack open windows, and light up a smudge stick – going from room to room, clockwise, fanning the smoke, allowing it to reach all corners, clearing out stagnant, negative energies and sweeping them out the window.


I will burn some incense to reignite the clean positive energy of our abode. I will Reiki the rooms.


Then, I take stock. What did I accomplish in 2018? What did I decide I no longer wanted to pursue? What will my path be in the new year? What have I learned in 2018 and what do I hope to learn in 2019?

Finally, I will end the day celebrating with my husband that we have come to the end of this year’s journey. With the deepest nights of winter before us, we dream of what will be, and feel grateful for what is.

We will think on the sad times of the past year. Of people we lost. Of plans that fell through. We will smile on the happy times we shared in 2018, the people we met, the dreams that transpired into realities.

And when the sun dawns on the first day of the new year, we will rise to meet it, and rejoice.

Happy New Year!