Ajna- The Third Eye Chakra


Many of us have heard of the Third Eye, Ajna- the center of intuition. This chakra is known throughout many cultures and is an important area in many meditation practices to help connect us to God/Goddess/Universe.

Located on the brow line between the eyes, it is also at the base of the skull and governs physical eyesight as well as intuition. Its vibration resonates with the color indigo.

When Ajna is open and balanced, we are able to obtain gainful insight within the patterns showing up in our life, and we develop a keen sense of intuition. If our third eye chakra goes off balance or closes, we can experience severe headaches, nightmares, paranoia, eye problems, and even suffer a stroke.

To balance the third eye chakra, we can journal our thoughts and daily activities, as well as our dreams. We can focus on tuning into our intuition and up our meditation practice.
Wearing, carrying, or placing stones about such as lapis lazuli, purple flourite or azurite will help increase the third eye chakra vibrations in your space. So will burning incense or using essential oils of sweet pea, hyacinth and camphor.

Play some classical music such as Beethoven or Bach. Meditate on the hawk and owl.

There is no particular food associated with the third eye chakra, though purple foods in general can assist. These foods include purple grapes, plums, raisens, figs and passion fruit. Blackberries and blueberries also are included as purple foods. In place of food for strengthening the third eye chakra, you can add more meditation.
Positive Archetype- Wise Elder
Negative Archetype- Skeptic

A simple yoga pose to do for Ajna is the Child’s Pose, with our forehead pressed to the floor.
To go into Child’s Pose, kneel on the floor with knees either together or opened, and bend forward. Stretch your arms forward, hands stretched out, and press your forehead to the floor. Take slow deep breaths, with your eyes closed and bring awareness to the Third eye. Draw your energy into the eye chakra and allow your thoughts to flow as they come.



Third Chakra- Manipura- Solar Plexus


The third chakra, which is the Manipura Chakra, is also known as the Solar Plexus. Its location is just above the naval in the solar plexus and it governs the liver, pancreas, intestines, gallbladder and stomach. The color of the third chakra is yellow.solarchakpic
The element associated with the solar chakra is fire. It is through the third chakra that we hold on to emotions dealing with family, friends and coworkers. Think of our ancestors, gathered with the tribe around the community fire. This is where discussion takes place, we share nourishing food, stay warm through the dark night.

Imbalances in the third chakra include acid reflux, constipation, imbalance in metabolism, blood sugar imbalance, gallstones, anger, low self-esteem, low energy, lupus and other autoimmune disorders.

To bring balance into the solar chakra, we should come through our truth in all we do, practice forgiveness and compassion, eat a healthy diet, and bring deep laughter into our days.


Exercises that are good to keep third chakra balance are Ti Chi and Qi Gong. There are many resources for both. If you don’t wish to take instruction at a class, you can find excellent dvd’s and YouTube videos to help.

The incense and oils resonating to this chakra are juniper, lemon, cinnamon, bergamot, and grapefruit. Try burning some incense, or mixing a few drops into lotion and applying.


The sacral chakra resonates with the color yellow. Since it is also associated with fire, and with digestion, yellow makes a great color for kitchens, even in small doses such as curtains and towels. If you want to bring peace into a family, friend or coworker discussion, try wearing yellow or placing yellow flowers in the room.

The stones for the third chakra include yellow citrine, topaz, amber. Wearing these stones, or carrying a small one in your pocket can help to keep balance.


Music that relates to the third chakra is marches. Think big band songs, with an upbeat sound that lifts the energy, stokes the flames, and gets things moving.

Animals associated with this chakra are lion and ram. Both show strength, endurance and dignity.


Foods that feed this chakra are complex carbs such as whole grains, blueberries, kiwi, lentils, soybeans, black beans, broccoli, onions, and sweet potatoes. You can find a complete list online.

This chakra’s positive archetype is the Spiritual Warrior.

Its negative archetype is the Slave.

One of the easier yoga poses to do for the Solar Plexus Chakra is the Sphinx pose:

The Sphinx pose will cool down an overactive Manipura Chakra, at the same time it tones the spine and stimulates the sacral-lumbar arch. To do this pose, lay down on your stomach, feet hip-width apart, and bring the elbows under the shoulders. If the pressure on your lower back feels too strong, bring your elbows a bit forward. If you want a deeper bend, you can place a block under the elbows. Hold the pose for 2-3 minutes and come out by first lowering your upper body onto the floor. Relax on the floor for at least 3-4 breaths, and once you feel ready, come to a child pose for 2-3 breaths.
* Please check with your healthcare provider if you are new to yoga. Remember to never force any position. I recommend seeking a trained yoga instructor for beginners.

Footprints on Our Soul


It’s been said that some people cross our path for a lifetime, some for a season, some for a reason, and all leave footprints on our soul.
As we go through life, sooner or later we experience the loss of someone we love. A family member, a friend, a pet. The older we get, the longer the list becomes with the names of those who leave us as they journey to the next level of existence.
We, too, will be leaving here someday. It might be soon. It might be in the distant future. The question we should ask ourselves is, what footprints will we be leaving on the souls of our earthly companions?
A couple of weeks ago, I was unpacking boxes from our move to Colorado. I was focused on getting together my writing/ meditation room, setting up books, organizing my desk, hanging pictures, and placing various statues and gemstones. As I sat back and looked around me, I noticed so many items that had been gifted to me by my dear friend, Nancy. Even though we now lived miles, and states, apart- it felt as though she were there in the room with me. Her energy permeated the space in every direction, every corner.
The following morning, I excitedly grabbed my laptop, intending to email her my thoughts and feelings. That no matter the distance between us, we were close to each other in spirit, in heart, in soul. I could have called, but she was sick. She was in transition. She wasn’t up to speaking on the phone. I knew if I wrote, someone would read her the email.
I never wrote that email. Before I typed it out, I discovered she had left this earthly existence the previous night.

There are no regrets that she didn’t get the email. We had spoken numerous times over the years about how important our friendship was. We were soul-sisters. Best friends. We verbally expressed to each other the importance of our cherished friendship. We both understood the footprints we left on each other’s soul were embedded with gold and lighted with the love of that friendship.
I have been blessed with many great relationships. Some long lasting, some short lived. I have also had relationships where people plodded heavily across my soul, leaving deep, uneven grooves I worked hard at smoothing over. There have been footprints of jealousy, rage, anger, manipulation. These I sweep away with care and concern. I prefer to run my hands lovingly over the footprints of love, joy, happiness. I tuck these away in a safe corner of my heart. And I wonder…
What footprints have I left? I would like to say they were all light and happy. But I know better. While I have left many loving, happy footprints, I know there were times I left behind dark, heavy prints. It saddens me. I want to do better. I want my footprints to be light on the souls of others. I want them to have meaning, substance. When my energy flows into someone’s space, I want it to bring uplifting light.

It’s a goal, to be the best I can be. To practice love and compassion. To offer space for someone to just be.
I hope those who felt a heaviness from my steps can forgive me. I am a work in progress. Each day I strive to be better. Do better. Walk lightly. And I ask you, what footprints are you leaving?



Cutting Corn


If we are lucky, we get to walk through all phases of living- childhood, young adult, middle age, old age.

As we age, we can either lay in despair, or embrace our maturity. The happier, healthier choice is to embrace our maturity. This is done by moving forward into our new, older, wiser self, and letting go of our past, younger self. One of the better ways to do this is to follow an old native American adage- Cut Corn

Wait, what? Cut corn?

Yes. There is a saying, “What doesn’t grow for you, cut.” Even if something grew for you before, if it no longer serves a positive purpose for you, it needs to go.

This includes people, places, things, jobs, clutter, habits.

My suggestion? Get a nice, hot cup of coffee or tea, iced drink, whatever helps you to relax. Sit down, close your eyes, and take a deep breath. Get in touch with how you feel. Are you happy? Worried? Stressed? Motivated? Energized? Tired? Do you feel anger, fear, joy, content? Are your relationships working how you want them to? Do you get satisfaction from your job? Are you living where you want?

Something happens to many of us when we approach the age of fifty. We find that we are no longer willing to deal with drama. We no longer are pulled to the rat race, instead seeking a softer approach, a comfortable path, surrounded by people who support us, share our vision, bring us laughter and light.

Some things we can change. Quit a job we no longer care for and move on to a new career. Or maybe retire and fire up our desire for painting, cooking, travel. Let go of friendships that have died out, habits that make us feel bad, clutter that buries our energy.

We can’t always change things which don’t add to our well-being. Maybe you want to live by the ocean but can’t afford to move out of the city. Or you want to quit your job, but you need the money. You can still make positive changes to reflect that which would serve you, and lessen what does not. Change that which you can- quit smoking, drop that toxic friend, add walks to your morning. Take trips to the aquarium, plan a vacation by the ocean, see where else your skills might place you to work.

Take small steps in cutting corn and planting new sustainable sources for daily living. You’ve earned it.